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Năm xuất bản Nhan đềTác giả
2017Spheroidal and nanocrystal structures created from carbodiimide crosslinking reaction with RADA16Monreal, Jorge; Hyde, Robert
2016Functionalized YVO4:Eu3+ nanophosphors with desirable properties for biomedical applicationsTran, Thu Huong; Ha, Thi Phuong; Le, Thi Vinh; Hoang, Thi Khuyen; Tran, Kim Anh; Le, Quoc Minh
2016Spin correlations in (Mn,Fe)2(P,Si) magnetocaloric compounds above Curie temperatureMiao, X.F.; Caron, L.; Gubbens, P.C.M.; Yaouanc, A.; Dalmas de Reotier, P.; Luetkens, H.; Amato, A.; van Dijk, N.H.; Brück, E.
2017Structural, impedance, dielectric and modulus analysis of LiNi1-x-y-0.02Mg0.02CoxZnyO2 cathode materials for lithium-ion batteriesMurali, N.; Margarette, S.J.; Rao, V. Kondala; Veeraiah, V.
2016Superconductivity in U-T alloys (T ¼ Mo, Pt, Pd, Nb, Zr) stabilized in the cubic gamma-U structure by splat-cooling techniqueNguyen, Thi Kim Ngan; Havela, L.
2016Graphene-zinc oxide (G-ZnO) nanocomposite for electrochemical supercapacitor applicationsSaranya, Murugan; Ramachandran, Rajendran; Wang, Fei
2017Studies on the luminescence properties of CaZrO3:Eu3þ phosphors prepared by the solid state reaction methodSahu, Ishwar Prasad; Bisen, D.P.; Tamrakar, Raunak Kumar; Murthy, K.V.R.; Mohapatra, M.
2016Synthesis, crystal structure and photoluminescence study of green light emitting bis(1[(4-butylphenyl)imino]methyl naphthalen-2-ol) Ni(II) complexSrinivas, M.; Kumar, T.O. Shrungesh; Mahadevan, K.M.; Naveen, S.; Vijayakumar, G.R.; Nagabhushana, H.; Kumara, M.N.; Lokanath, N.K.
2017Superb adsorption capacity of hydrothermally synthesized copper oxide and nickel oxide nanoflakes towards anionic and cationic dyesKumar, K. Yogesh; Archana, S.; Raj, T.N. Vinuth; Prasana, B.P.; Raghu, M.S.; Muralidhara, H.B.
2016High frequency modes meshfree analysis of Reissner-Mindlin platesBui, Tinh Quoc; Doan, Duc Hong; Do, Thom Van; Hirose, Sohichi; Nguyen, Dinh Duc
2016The improvement of photocatalytic processes: Design of a photoreactor using high-power LEDsKhademalrasool, Marzieh; Farbod, Mansoor; Talebzadeh, Mohammad Davoud
2016Variations of magnetic properties of UH3 with modified structure and compositionPaukov, M.; Havela, L.; Nguyen, Thi Kim Ngan; Buturlim, V.; Tkach, I.; Drozdenko, D.; Maskova, S.; Sowa, S.; Molccanova, Z.; Mihalik, M.; Krupska, M.
2016Highly sensitive and selective chemiresistor gas/vapor sensors based on polyaniline nanocomposite: A comprehensive reviewPandey, Sadanand
2017Surface modification of cellulose isolated from Sesamun indicum underutilized seed: A means of enhancing cellulose hydrophobicityAdewuyi, Adewale; Pereira, Fabiano Vargas
2018Synthesis, characterization and prospective applications of nitrogen-doped graphene: A short reviewYadav, Roshni; Dixit, C.K.
2016Inexpensive and versatile measurement tools using purpose-made capillary electrophoresis devices coupled with contactless conductivity detection: A view from the case study in VietnamDuong, Hong Anh; Nguyen, Thanh Dam; Mai, Thanh Duc; Saiz, Jorge; Pham, Hung Viet
2016Anisotropic behavior and inhomogeneity of atomic local densities of states in graphene with vacancy groupsEremenko, V.V.; Sirenko, V.A.; Gospodarev, I.A.; Syrkin, E.S.; Feodosyev, S.B.; Bondar, I.S.; Minakova, K.A.
2016Influence of double-diaphragm vacuum compaction on deformation during forming of composite prepregsAlshahrani, Hojjati; Hojjati, Mehdi
2016A review on organic spintronic materials and devices: I. Magnetic field effect on organic light emitting diodesGeng, Rugang; Daugherty, Timothy Tyler; Do, Kevin; Luong, Hoang Mai; Nguyen, Tho Duc
2016Calculation of the magnetic properties of pseudo-ternary R2M14B intermetallic compounds (R ¼ rare earth, M ¼ Fe, Co)Eslava, Gabriel Gomez; Ito, Masaaki; Yano, Masao; Dempsey, Nora M.; Givord, Dominique
Các biểu ghi của bộ sưu tập (Sắp xếp bởi Ngày gửi theo thứ tự Giảm dần): 1 tới 20 của 74